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With the announcement of remote learning, some of our events will need to undergo certain alternatives to fit a virtual platform. We understand that with this change, the experience you want from Kasamahan may be different. So to understand how to better curate an experience for you at this time, please fill out the survey above.

On Monday, July 6th, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released new regulations for international students for this coming fall semester. These new regulations limit students to two options: attend in-person classes during the COVID-19 pandemic or stick to online classes in another country.

Our Community Affairs Co-Directors compiled resources and information on how to help out in the Google Doc above.

Latinas Unidas de USF (@latinasunidasusfca on Instagram) created a document where domestic students can offer to switch their in person classes with international students.

The members of Kasamahan at USF stand in solidarity with the Black community.

Click the first button to donate to USF's Black Student Union.

This other buttons provide resources and links to stay educated, sign petitions, and donate.
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The administration in the Philippines is currently attempting to pass an "Anti-Terrorism Bill" that will severely impact free speech. It will broaden the definition of terrorism which will silence anyone that opposes the government. Click the button for more information and how to support. Sign the petition to show your support since many people in the Philippines are unable to sign due to the consequences of this bill. The Google Doc has more information curated by our Community Affairs Co-Directors.

Many of our beloved faculty members and librarians were at risk of losing their jobs due to budget cuts. Now they are fighting against disproportionate salary cuts and for budget transparency from the administration. For more information read the SF Foghorn article and go to the USFFA website.
Please read the list of demands and sign the petition by clicking the button above.
Follow @USFCASolidarity on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on the situation.

For more regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, the Anti-Terror Bill, or anything else regarding USF Kasamahan visit the official Kasamahan website. There you will find more information and resources along with a letter of solidarity from our Executive Director and Community Affairs Co-Directors.

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